Welcome to Maystar Cosmética's Beauty Club!


What is Maystar Cosmética's Beauty Club?

Here at Maystar Cosmética, we know that luxury, health and beauty are inseparable, which is why we want to treat you to our VIP Card. With it, you can join our Beauty Club programme and take advantage of all the best benefits and discounts.


How can you get a Maystar Cosmética VIP Card?

By making a purchase of over €150*, or various purchases which exceed this amount, you'll receive the Maystar Cosmética VIP Card plus a €20 gift voucher to use on your next order.

  • The total amount required to obtain the VIP Card can come from one or several purchases made until 31 December 2017
  • There is a limit of one €20 gift voucher per shopper.


How will you receive your VIP Card?

You'll get a physical Maystar Cosmética VIP Card in the mail and a digital one by email; that way you'll be able to immediately enjoy its benefits!

We'll contact you to give you all the details.


What are the benefits of having a VIP Card?

You'll receive a 5% discount on future purchases, which can be used with other promotional offers.

To complement your skin care treatments, at your request our Beauty Advisor will diagnose your skin and design a beauty plan that's just for you.

You'll be the first to find out about all our newest products and special offers.

We'll send you a gift on your birthday.

You'll also be invited to participate in our Beauty Care Masterclass.


How can you use your VIP Card?

The Maystar Cosmética VIP Card is personal and non-transferable, valid only for Maystar Cosmética's Beauty Club programme and only for our online store. Your card number will be your code to access all our discounts and promotional offers.