Gentle protection for delicate skin.

Pampers and protects delicate and reactive skin. Carefully formulated from natural ingredients to remove impurities whilst moisturizing and reducing blotchiness. Protects skin from day one, alleviating tightness and itching right from the first session.

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Peeling Gommage

Peeling Gommage

Price €11.50

Facial Scrub For Sensitive Skin Tube 150 ml / 5.07 fl oz Application: Face · Neck

Invigorating Thermal Spring...

Invigorating Thermal Spring Water

Price €13.95

Facial Tonic For All Skin Types Bottle 200 ml / 6.76 fl oz Application: Face · Eye Contour Area · Neck · Neckline Usage: Apply fine spray after cleansing and before make-up.

Make-Up Remover...

Make-Up Remover Invigorating Emulsion

4 Review(s) 
Price €15.50

Facial Cleanser For All Skin Types Bottle 200 or 400 ml / 6.76 fl oz Application: Face · Neck Usage: Apply a small quantity and gently rubbing with a cotton pad.

Hypoallergenic Cream

Hypoallergenic Cream

3 Review(s) 
Price €23.50

Facial Moisturizer For Sensitive Skin Jar 50 ml / 1.69 fl oz Application: Face · Eye Contour Area · Neck · Neckline Usage: Apply daily after facial cleansing, with smooth movements.

Make-Up Remover Sensitive Pack

Make-Up Remover Sensitive Pack

Price €25.95

Make-Up Remover Neceser For Sensitive Skin Daily cleansing and tonifying of sensitive skin, eliminating the makeup remains and reducing redness. Paraben-free. Invigorating Thermal Spring Water Make-Up Remover Invigorating Emulsion 200 ml Application: Face · Neck · Neckline · Eye Contour